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omgz_cuntagious's Journal

We're OMGZ CUNTagious!
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a rating community

There are 15 Auto-Accepts/Rejects Left!!

Welcome to OMGZ_CUNTagious!
This is a rating community.

rating community noun. - Group of perfect, beautiful, shallow pricks who will judge you on how smart, cool, and hott you are.

Which means if we say no to you, don't whine about it.
Don't bitch to us because we told you that you suck at life because frankly, it's your fault. Not ours.

This is a new community, so we need to get some members before we get the fun things started.
We plan on having Member Superlatives, Scavenger Hunts, Themes, Members Of The Month, and anything else that we can think of.

We are opinionated, and we want to know what you think, too.
We have forums in our extras that you will be required to post on and tell us what you think about certain topics.

We have big plans for this community, so join now, and hopefully we'll get things running smoothly very soon.

Laura || Ashley
asianface_x3 || x_lightmycandle

For Applicants
- Apply within 1 week of joining. [no lurking!]
- Only comment on your own application until accepted.
- Give us at least 1 week to stamp you.
- Change the LJ-Cut to "I Read The Rules!"
- Don't delete your application.
- Don't delete votes.
- Don't be rude to members unless you want to be rejected or banned.
- Don't reply to EVERY vote. It gets annoying.
- Disrespect us and get banned. Kthx.

For Members
- Be honest when voting, not rude.
- Drama is good, to an extent. If you start too much, you'll get one free warning. The next warning and you get 50 points taken away from you. After that, you get kicked out. Once kicked out, you can choose to reapply after 3 days.
- Comment on at least one forum a week or it's a 20 point reduction.
- You must get at least 150 points by the end of each month or you'll be cut. If cut, you can reapply after 3 days.
- Please be active and vote! What's the point in a rating community if nobody votes?
- Once accepted, you can pretty much post about anything that your heart desires.

Will be started once we get 30 members.

Will be started once we use all auto-accepts/rejects.

You must have 150 points by the end of each month. When first accepted, you don't need to meet the point qualification at the end of the month that you joined.

You will receive..
+ 20 points for every scavenger hunt, with an addition 5 points if you're in some of the pictures.
+ 50 points if you win a superlative.
+ 5 points for every post that you make, and 3 points extra for every picture that you include in the post.
+ 30 points for participating in a theme.
+ 70 points for winning a challenge.
+ 5 points every time that you promote.

You may choose to challenge a member at any time.

There are two types of challenges. There is a points challenge and a membership challenge.

In the points challenge, you challenge any member to win 70 points. If you win, you get 70 of their points, if you lose, they get 70 of YOUR points.

In the membership challenge, you challenge any member that you want kicked out of the community. If you win the challenge, they get kicked out. If they win, YOU get kicked out. If you get kicked out, you can reapply in 3 days, but you might not get back in.

If you want to challenge a member, just make a post with the subject "I Challenge *Insert Name Here.*" In the actual post, you say what kind of challenge, and you post pictures of yourself. When the person challenged sees your post, they MUST post pictures of themself in a comment. DO NOT VOTE ON A CHALLENGE UNTIL THE CHALLENGED MEMBER POSTS THEIR PICTURES!! Members will vote based on the pictures. The person with the most votes after 3 days wins.

Coming soon..

We have 3 applications for you to choose from. A short application, a long application, and a pictures only application.

The Short Application [if you don't have much time]

The Long Application [better chance of us liking you]

The Picture Application [we'll judge you completely on your looks]